JER Electronics Innovation Development Period: 2015 to present


1:  In 2015, Jetta Electronics developed a popular electronic acupuncture and moxibustion can in the beauty and health care industry,

Received excellent evaluation for "weight loss effect".

In the same year, we developed a nose wash that children love to use, and the feedback effect was no less than that of foreign major brands of the same type

Best selling in Greater China.


2:  In 2018, we collaborated with a Canadian professional fitness equipment company to develop a 2-4 channel IFC (IF Current) muscle stimulator,


The comprehensive score of transaction volume and positive review rate has reached the top 5 in the same category on Amazon, making it on the best-selling list.


3: In 2019, Guangzhou Jieda Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary, mainly to collaborate with universities and research institutions in the research and development of innovative medical technologies.


4: In 2020, our company will fully cooperate with the listed company Boji Pharmaceuticals (GEM: 300404), and the factory will be moved to its Zengcheng District Boji Biomedical Science Park as a whole.


5: In 2021, our company innovatively developed the highly acclaimed "ultrasound guided therapy solution" for clinical applications in medical institutions, and developed multiple matching ultrasound therapy products.


In 2022, our company registered the trademark "Duo Ci Zhen" and innovatively invented a set of easy home slimming solutions that can be applied to all household users worldwide.

Up to now, our products have been widely sold to regions such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and ASEAN countries.


Due to our company's long-term focus on exporting order products, we have developed a rigorous process habit:


Although it is a Class II medical device, it is produced according to the requirements and standards of Class III.

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